What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is the unauthorized use of someone's personal information, usually for fraudelent purposes. This also includes stealing sensitive information such as Social Security numbers or credit card numbers to commit financial fraud or assume another person's identity. With the rise of digital transactions and online interactions, identity theft has become a major concern, resulting in financial losses and significant disruptions to victim's lives. Preventative actions and increased awareness are critical in combatting this widespread type of cybercrime

What are types of Identity Theft

Identity theft can take several forms, each targeting a different aspect of an individual's personal information. Some common types of identity theft include:

  • Account takeover fraud is a devious form of online identity theft in which a criminal gains unauthorized access to someone's digital accounts and impersonates them for fraudulent purposes like stealing money or sensitive information.
  • Financial identity theft occurs when criminals steal and misuse private financial data such as credit card numbers or bank account details to make unauthorized purchases or take out loans under the victim's name.
  • Medical identity theft occurs when criminals utilize pilfered personal health data, such as insurance particulars or medical records, to fraudulently access healthcare services, prescriptions, or insurance benefits in the victim's name, without their authorization or knowledge.
  • Child identity theft involves the theft of a minor's personal data like their Social Security number to illegally open accounts or file for government benefits, often going undetected for years and causing legal and financial difficulties later in the child's life.
  • Synthetic identity theft is an intricate form of fraud where criminals combine real personal data such as Social Security numbers with fabricated information to generate new identities and open fraudulent accounts that can be challenging to uncover.

What is data breach

A data breach is a digital break-in in which hackers or unauthorized individuals get access to sensitive information held by a company or organization.

This may include personal information such as names, addresses, or financial information. Imagine someone sneaking into a secured room and searching through files without permission. Data breaches can result in identity theft, financial loss, and privacy concerns for anyone whose information is compromised.

What is the Dark Web

The dark web is the hidden part of the internet. It makes up approximately 5% of internet content, and is part of a much larger area known as the deep web, which conversely makes up a huge 90% of the internet. The dark web, which can only be accessed via specific browsers, is a series of websites that require specific authorization to enter. Dark websites allow users unparalleled anonymity due to encryption software such as the Tor (short for The Onion Router) browser. Unlike the surface web, the dark web does not use information available on search engines like Google or Bing; instead, it utilizes content from individual sources: forums, email, social media, and company databases. These features are why the dark web is an enticing place to do business for criminals.

To mitigate risks associated with the dark web, individuals and organizations employ dark web monitoring services, which continuously scan this clandestine realm for any mentions of compromised information, providing timely alerts to preempt potential cyber threats.

What is Identity Theft Protection

Protecting yourself from identity theft requires a comprehensive approach, and incorporating dark web monitoring can bolster your defenses. Start by implementing strong password practices and using unique passwords for each online account. Regularly monitor your financial accounts and credit reports for any unusual activity, which can be an early indicator of identity theft. Stay vigilant against phishing attempts by never sharing personal information in response to unsolicited requests. Dark web monitoring services add an extra layer of security by continuously scanning the dark web for any mentions of your personal information. If your data is detected, you'll receive immediate alerts, enabling you to take prompt action to mitigate potential risks. Additionally, consider enrolling in identity theft protection services that offer comprehensive monitoring and assistance in case of identity theft. By combining proactive measures with dark web monitoring, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of falling victim to identity theft and minimize its potential impact.

Trend Micro Identity Theft Protection Plan

Don't leave yourself vulnerable - secure your digital life with Trend Micro ID Protection today. Our comprehensive technology keeps your sensitive data locked down tight. Invest in your security and get the ultimate identity and privacy shield.

Highlights of ID Protection include:

  • Social Media Account Monitoring
  • Web Threat Protection
  • Anti-tracking to stop third parties from collecting your data
  • Personal Data Leak Check
  • Protect and manage passwords
  • Guard against identity theft with dark web monitoring
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Complete Device and Identity Protection Plans

If you would like to have total protection with basic antivirus software complete with identity theft protection, Trend Micro has your back!

12 Months
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Device Security Basic

Basic device and identity protection



Normally MYR149.00

Normally MYR298.00

Top Features

  • Antivirus, malware, ransomware, & spyware protection
  • Secures PC, Mac, and Mobile devices
  • Protects webmail from scams and phishing attacks
  • Secures online banking and shopping
  • Keeps children safe online
  • Secures privacy on social media
  • Pauses notifications during gaming
  • Protects and manages passwords

Also Includes

  • Guards against identity theft with dark web monitoring
  • Anti-track and Ad-blocker to stop third parties from collecting your data

Device Security Pro

Powerful device and identity protection



Normally MYR230.00

Normally MYR460.00

    Top Features

  • Antivirus, malware, ransomware, & spyware protection
  • Secures PC, Mac, and Mobile devices
  • Protects webmail from scams and phishing attacks
  • Secures online banking and shopping
  • Keeps children safe online
  • Secures privacy on social media
  • Pauses notifications during gaming
  • Protects and manages passwords

Also Includes

  • Guards against identity theft with dark web monitoring
  • Anti-track and Ad-blocker to stop third parties from collecting your data
  • Secure VPN to protect your privacy
  • 24x7 technical support

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Frequently Asked Questions

How common is identity theft in Malaysia?

Identity theft in Malaysia has become a big concern because people are relying more on digital technology and online services. Though exact numbers might differ, reports show that there are more cases of identity theft happening, mainly because of tricks like phishing scams, data breaches, and fake transactions. The Malaysian government and police are working to tackle this problem through campaigns to raise awareness, new laws, and plans to improve online safety. But even with these efforts, identity theft is still a big danger for both people and companies. Malaysians need to stay alert, keep their personal information safe, and follow good online safety tips. Reporting any suspicious activities to the right authorities quickly can also help lessen the harm from identity theft and support the ongoing fight against cybercrime in the country.

How to prevent identity theft on social media?

To prevent identity theft on social media, you must be vigilant and take proactive precautions. First, limit the amount of personal information published publicly, such as birth dates, addresses, and phone numbers. Adjust your privacy settings to limit who may see your posts and profile information. When accepting friend requests or communicating with strange accounts, be wary of phishing attempts. Regularly evaluate and update security settings and passwords, making sure to use strong, unique passwords for each account. Avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading unexpected attachments, as these could contain malware. Consider using two-factor authentication to increase security. Finally, be aware of common schemes and strategies used by identity thieves, and teach people how to spot and avoid potential risks of identity theft on social networking platforms.

How can Trend Micro protect me from identity theft?

Trend Micro's multi-device security plans offer robust protection against identity theft, whether through Device Security Basic or Device Security Pro. Utilizing advanced capabilities like real-time threat detection and blocking, Trend Micro shields against malware, phishing attempts, and other illicit activities aimed at stealing personal information. Its antivirus software conducts thorough scans to detect keyloggers and various malware types that could compromise sensitive data. Moreover, Trend Micro's web protection feature prevents access to counterfeit websites and phishing links, thereby reducing the risk of unintentionally divulging personal information. It also identifies and filters phishing emails designed to deceive users into revealing confidential details. Overall, Trend Micro provides comprehensive defense measures through its identity theft protection plans, ensuring users' online safety and security.

How does identity theft happen?

Identity theft occurs through a variety of methods including phishing, which involves criminals sending deceptive emails or messages to fool people into providing personal information such as passwords or financial information. Data breaches occur when hackers use security vulnerabilities to gain access to databases containing sensitive information, which they then sell or misuse. Skimming devices are used to steal credit or debit card information from compromised ATMs or POS terminals. Social engineering techniques trick people into disclosing personal information, whereas dumpster diving is sifting through discarded documents for useful information. Malware can infiltrate devices and secretly grab login credentials or personal information. Fraudsters impersonate others in order to obtain sensitive information or fraudulently access accounts. These methods highlight the importance of safeguarding personal information and staying vigilant against potential threats

What are the warning signs of identity theft?

Several signs may indicate that your identity has been stolen:

  • Suspicious Activity on Social Media: Unusual activity, such as unauthorized posts or messages, could indicate that someone has gained access to your accounts.
  • Missing Mail or Bills: Your regular mail or email statements cease.
  • Unexplained Transactions: Unrecognized purchases appear on your credit card statement, even small ones. Criminals often initiate with minor purchases before escalating.
  • Errors on Your Credit Report: Your credit report contains suspicious entries, such as inquiries for credit that you did not initiate.
  • Received Notices of Data Breaches: If you receive notifications about data breaches from companies you've interacted with, your information may have been compromised.
  • Unexpected Credit Denials: Despite having a high credit score (as per your last check), you are denied credit for a loan or new credit card. Identity theft can easily tarnish a credit rating.

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